Thank you to all individuals who assisted in making the LSPOA July 4th Celebration successful!  Your assistance was our key to success.  LSPOA thanks Michelle, Lake Sherwood Lodge Manager, for organizing the event.  

2023 LSPOA Board of Director Election

(posted 7/11/2022)


Lot owners who have paid their 2022 LSPOA dues are entitled to one vote per lot, for which dues have been paid, in the 2023 Board of Directors Election.  Voting begins immediately using the Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association 2023 Board of Directors Election Ballot found below (Also contained in the LSPOA Summer newsletter.) or by using the online ballot found below.  Election results will be announced at the Labor Day General Membership Meeting.  2023 Directors take office on January 1, 2023.  Be active in your LSPOA organization by voting!  Thank you!

Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association 2023 Board of Directors Election Online Ballot 

Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association 2023 Board of Directors Election Ballot - Printed 

LSPOA Board of Directors Needed 

(posted 7/11/2022)

Not all subdivisions currently have representation on the LSPOA Board of Directors and not all subdivisions have candidates for the 2023 Board of Director election.  If the subdivision in which you live is without a candidate, write in votes are encouraged.  If you write in someone other than yourself, please obtain the individual’s permission and provide the individual’s telephone number.  To become an elected 2023 LSPOA Board of Director you must live in the subdivision you represent and become a 2023 dues paying member of LSPOA. 


If all subdivisions do not have representation after the election, directors at large may be appointed to represent subdivisions in which they live and subdivisions without representation.  If you are interested in becoming a 2023 Board of Director and/or have questions about becoming a Director, email LSPOA at or phone the office at 715-325-4066.  Be active in your LSPOA organization by becoming a Director!  Thank you!

SAVE THE DATE - General Membership Meeting - August 27th, 2022

(posted 6/20/2022)

The 2022 Labor Day General Membership Meeting will be held on August 27th, 2022, at 1 p.m.  in the lower level of the Sherwood Lodge and via Zoom.  Zoom sign on information is below.    If you have topics of interest, you would like discussed at the meeting please email the topics to the LSPOA Secretary at for inclusion on the agenda.   We hope you will attend the Labor Day General Membership Meeting.

Join the Zoom Meeting by clicking the following link or join the meeting by phone by dialing Dial +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago). 

Meeting ID: 823 0755 3282

Passcode: 359859

A meeting agenda is coming soon.   

Below ais a link to the minutes of the last General Membership Meeting on Labor Day Weekend, 2021.  We hope to see you at the meeting on August 27th, 2022.     


LSPOA 2021 Labor Day General Membership Meeting Minutes



(posted 6/20/2022)

Congratulations to the following recipients of a $1,000 Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association Scholarship for the 2022/2023 School Year:

  • Grace Mentel who plans to attend Anderson University.  She is the granddaughter of Chuck & Ann Donegan who own in the Canterbury Subdivision.

  • Grace Sommerio who plans to attend University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  She is the granddaughter of Valerie and Steve Nutt who own in the Huntington Subdivision.   

  • Katherine Mentel who plans to attend the University of Wisconsin – EauClaire.  She is the granddaughter of Chuck & Ann Donegan who own in the Canterbury Subdivision.

  • Madison Coogan who plans to attend the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities.  She is the daughter of Jennifer and Chad Coogan who own in the Royal Crest Subdivision.  

Through these individuals' hard work and determination, they have proven to be students that LSPOA wants to recognize. 

Burning on Lake Sherwood 

The Town of Rome Transfer Site likely accepts any items you wish to burn.  If after reviewing the information on their website, you still desire to burn it is likely you will need a permit.  The link below provides information on how to acquire information on burning.  Additional Firewise information on burning is available on the Conservation Pages.  


Burning Permit Info

Wisconsin DNR Protection Plans for Lake Sherwood Beach Clubs

(posted on 11/20/2021)

The Adams County Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) received a grant from the Wisconsin DNR to survey and create a shoreline protection plan for each beach club located on the Tri Lakes. These beach clubs make up 11% of all waterfront property/shorelines on the lakes. It is the intent of Adams County LWCD that property owners on Lake Sherwood will adopt these plans and conservation practices to protect the shoreline and the lakes. Conservation practices are used to protect upland vegetation and slow shoreline erosion to increase the strength and longevity of shorelines. A healthy shoreline that utilizes conservation practices helps increase the water quality and overall health of the lake. The grant received by Adams County LWCD only funded the planning of these projects, so there is currently no implementation funding available. However, with the plans set, it is much more likely for a beach club to receive shoreline protection grant funding in the future.

The beach club recommendations can be found on the Adams Co. LWCD website at . If you have any questions or would like to know ways in which you can protect the shoreline of your beach club, please call the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department at (608) 339-4268.

LSPOA Covenants and Protective Restrictions Rescinded

(posted 1/6/2021)

In November, 2018 an owner of a Westwood Shores lot began a quest to build a commercial storage facility.  The lot was governed by LSPOA Covenants and Protective Restrictions which restricted lot use to single family residential purposes.  LSPOA took actions to enforce this covenant restriction.  On June 10, 2020 LSPOA received a Notice and Demand letter from the owner’s attorney that provided information and citations to law raising serious doubt regarding LSPOA’s ability to adopt, record and enforce Lake Sherwood covenants and restrictions and threats of legal actions against LSPOA.  Primarily the letter alleged that because the original covenants and restrictions established by the Lake Sherwood developer, N.E. Issacson, did not contain a clause explaining how restrictions could be continued after they expired on July 1, 1999, by law the restrictions replacing them must have been approved by 100% of the Lake Sherwood and Westwood Shores lot owners.  They were not.  


LSPOA worked with its attorney on the situation.  The attorney recommended that we settle with the lot owner because he felt LSPOA would not win a case in court.  The court battle would have been very costly considering legal fees and financial awards to the owner should the owner win the case, which was likely. 


Settlement documents in response to the Notice and Demand Letter were developed and accepted by the LSPOA Board of Directors and the LSPOA Members in a manner required by the LSPOA By-laws.  These settlement documents released LSPOA of any liability and required recession of the Lake Sherwood Covenants and Protective Restrictions.  Therefore, Lake Sherwood lots are no longer governed by any LSPOA covenants and protective restrictions.  The Town of Rome, Adams County, and the State of Wisconsin have various regulations that continue to assist LSPOA to meet its purpose.  This purpose is:  Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association, Inc. is an organization formed to represent property owners in the subdivisions (additions) of Lake Sherwood. The By-laws governing this organization are written to ensure the Association conducts business and undertakings of the Association in a proper and orderly manner and to assure that all Members of the Association are adequately represented and receive fair and equal treatment in these undertakings. The purposes of the business and undertakings of this Association are to preserve, maintain and improve amenities of the Association, the value of Lake Sherwood property, the water quality of Lake Sherwood and the ability of Members to enjoy their property.


LSPOA is a very active organization in pursuit of this purpose.  It diligently works to:

  • Represent Lake Sherwood lot owners through a volunteer LSPOA Board of Directors composed of Directors from all subdivisions that meet monthly, continually engage in LSPOA activities, and are resources to lot owners on amenities and lifestyle on Lake Sherwood.  

  • Operate the Lake Sherwood Lodge and maintain the LSPOA amenities for the pleasure and enjoyment of property owners and the community.

  • Communicate important information to lot owners through newsletters, a website, emails, and letters.   

  • Be a steward of Lake Sherwood and its surrounding properties by engaging in environmental, conservation and fish habitat programs including DNR Healthy Lakes, Fish Sticks, and Firewise USA Grant projects; as well as water testing for algae and e-coli.

  • Be a voice for Lake Sherwood lot owner interests in Town of Rome, Adams County, Tri-Lakes Management and other governmental influences. 

  • Provide recreational opportunities for lot owners such as the LSPOA Fisheree and 4th of July Celebration and the many opportunities provided at the Lake Sherwood Lodge.

  • Actively participate in community needs, activities and endeavors as a responsible community member.   

  • Assist in educational endeavors of Member families through annual scholarships.    

Your continued support of LSPOA and its endeavors is imperative and appreciated by all who benefit.    


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