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DNR Stock Walleye in Lake Sherwood 
Posted 10/15/2023

On September 26, the DNR stocked 2,160 walleye in Lake Sherwood. The fish are in the 6 to 8 inch size class and should be keeper size in 3 years.



Dues are Due!

Please help the Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association to meet its mission by paying your $100 annual dues!  

Paid dues earn Lake Sherwood lot owners membership voting rights in LSPOA endeavors.  They also provide financial support for LSPOA’s activities that meet its purposes to preserve, maintain and improve amenities of the Association, the value of Lake Sherwood property, the water quality of Lake Sherwood and the ability of Members to enjoy their property.  These activities provide:

  • A volunteer LSPOA Board of Directors composed of Directors from subdivisions that meet monthly, continually engage in LSPOA activities, and are resources to lot owners on amenities and lifestyle on Lake Sherwood.  

  • Facilitation of the operation and maintenance of the Lake Sherwood Lodge and its grounds.

  • A resource to lot owners on local and state laws that assist in meeting LSPOA’s purposes and monitoring adherence to those laws.  For example, Town of Rome Building and Zoning Ordinances.    

  • Newsletters to keep property owners informed of community topics.

  • Participation in environmental, conservation and fish habitat programs including DNR Healthy Lakes, Fish Sticks, and Firewise USA Grant projects; and water testing for algae and e-coli. 

  • Annual scholarships for Member families.

  • Close relationships with the Lake Sherwood Tri-Lakes Management District representative, Town of Rome Board, and Adams County Board.

  • Boat access to gas service.

  • Family recreational activities that include the 4th of July Celebration and Lake Sherwood Fisheree.

  • Support of community needs and events.   

  • For LSPOA Members Only

    • Reduced rental rates for use of the Sherwood Lodge lower level and outside grounds

    • Seasonal boat slip rental

LSPOA Covenants and Protective Restrictions Rescinded

(posted 10/23/2023)

In November, 2018 an owner of a Westwood Shores lot began a quest to build a commercial storage facility.  The lot was governed by LSPOA Covenants and Protective Restrictions which restricted lot use to single family residential purposes.  LSPOA took actions to enforce this covenant restriction.  On June 10, 2020 LSPOA received a Notice and Demand letter from the owner’s attorney that provided information and citations to law raising serious doubt regarding LSPOA’s ability to adopt, record and enforce Lake Sherwood covenants and restrictions and threats of legal actions against LSPOA.  Primarily the letter alleged that because the original covenants and restrictions established by the Lake Sherwood developer, N.E. Issacson, did not contain a clause explaining how restrictions could be continued after they expired on July 1, 1999, by law the restrictions replacing them must have been approved by 100% of the Lake Sherwood and Westwood Shores lot owners.  They were not.  As a result, settlement documents were signed by LSPOA that released LSPOA of any liability and required recession of the Lake Sherwood Covenants and Protective Restrictions. 



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