Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association (LSPOA)


The Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association is an organization formed to represent property owners in the subdivisions of Lake Sherwood. The purposes of the business and undertakings of this association are to preserve, maintain and improve amenities of the Association, the value of Lake Sherwood property, the water quality of Lake Sherwood and the ability of Members to enjoy their property.



The amenities of the Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association include a lakefront property on Lake Sherwood. This property contains the Lake Sherwood Lodge, a tavern that serves food and beverages; boat dockage; the LSPOA Office; a meeting room, pavilion and marine gas pump. The Board of Directors of the Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association manages the property, business and undertakings of the Association.


Dues Benefits

Annual $100 LSPOA dues provide Members the following benefits:

  • A voice in lake area issues through elected Board representatives who participate in monthly LSPOA Board meetings.

  • A unified voice in Tri-Lakes Management District concerns for continued water quality.

  • Covenant enforcement to protect Lake Sherwood property investment.

  • A LSPOA Administrative Assistant available for Association member assistance, information, permits, etc.

  • An active Conservation Committee that participates in fish stocking, Firewise projects and conservation education.

  • An annual fishing contest.

  • A fabulous 4th of July Celebration.

  • Newsletters and webpage to share important information.

  • The Lake Sherwood Lodge, a beautiful meeting place for friends and family that offers:

    • Food and beverage service

    • Entertainment - parties & music

    • Access to the only on-water marine gas facility

    • Private dockage and beach area with shoreline protection to retain LSPOA property

    • Use of meeting room and outside shelter, at a reduced cost to dues paying Member


General Membership Meetings

LSPOA General Membership meetings are held on the Saturday of each Memorial Day weekend at 10:00 AM and on the Saturday of each Labor Day weekend at 1:00 PM at the Lake Sherwood Lodge. Lake Sherwood property owners are encouraged to participate in these meetings. To vote at these meetings attendees must be dues paying Members of the Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association.