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Scholarship Program Information - 2024/2025 School Year

(posted 12/19/2023)

The Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association is an organization that represents property owners in the subdivisions of Lake Sherwood. The purposes of the business and undertakings of this association are to preserve, maintain, and improve amenities of the Association, the value of Lake Sherwood property, the water quality of Lake Sherwood and the ability of Members to enjoy their property.

The Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association is an organization that works to enhance its community. The Scholarship Program provides an opportunity to assist LSPOA dues paying members, their children/grandchildren to pursue their career goals through education. 3 - $1,000 scholarships will be awarded.

Scholarship Qualifications


Individuals who apply for an LSPOA scholarship must:

1.   Be a dues paying member or a child/grandchild of a dues paying member of the Lake Sherwood

      Property Owners Association for three (3) years prior to the scholarship application year.

2.   Intend to be a full-time (12 credits or more) student at a post-secondary school in the fall semester

      or quarter of current year.

3.   Complete the application requirements as noted on the Scholarship Application and submit the

       application and associated documents by April 1st.

Materials needed to apply for the scholarship can be obtained by clicking below.  

       Scholarship Information

       Scholarship Application

Scholarship Award and Distribution

The Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association Scholarship Program, Scholarship Award Certificates will be awarded at the Memorial Day Weekend LSPOA General Membership Meeting to which scholarship recipients will be invited.


A scholarship will be distributed when the recipient:

1. Successfully completes, attains a 2.5 or better grade point average, at least twelve (12) credits in the fall semester/quarter at a post-secondary school AND

2.  Enrolls in at least twelve (12) credits in the subsequent semester or quarter unless the recipient graduates in the fall semester/quarter.

Upon receipt of an official or unofficial transcript showing completion of #1 above and an official class schedule showing #2 above, the scholarship will be distributed to the recipient.


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