Covenants, Building Permits and Dues Invoice


Lake Sherwood Covenants and Protective Restrictions


The covenants and protective restrictions linked below apply to all properties in Lake Sherwood subdivisions (additions), Town of Rome, Adams County, Wisconsin, as recorded with the Adams County Register of Deeds. These Lake Sherwood Covenants & Protective Restrictions were accepted on September 1, 2018, recorded for all properties in Lake Sherwood subdivisions with the Adams County Register of Deeds on October 10, 2018, and replace previous recordings. 


     Lake Sherwood Covenants & Protective Restrictions - .pdf

To report a Lake Sherwood Covenants & Protective infringement, please use the form below.  The Covenants Committee will not take action on a reported infringement until this completed form is received. 

     Infringement Reporting Form - Lake Sherwood - pdf



Building Permit Applications

Prior to obtaining a Town of Rome building permit for any new construction or remodeling, a LSPOA Building Permit Application must be submitted to LSPOA and approved by the LSPOA Architectural Committee to assure your project conforms to LSPOA Protective Covenants and Restrictions. 

     LSPOA Building Permit Application

Additional government entities exist that regulate building, shorelines, shoreline structures and more on Lake Sherwood.  Before planning to build/erect structures, make shoreline modifications, or set a pier/dock or boat hoist/lift be sure to consult with the following government entities to assure your project meets their regulations and to obtain a permit if required:  

  • Town of Rome – Building and Zoning Ordinances – - Zoning Department, 715-325-8019

  •  Adams County, Zoning Department,, 608-339-4224  

  • DNR – Piers and Docks, Hoists and Lifts, Shoreline - - consult website



2019 LSPOA Dues Invoice

Current LSPOA dues are $100 per year.  Dues provide membership voting rights and financial support for:

  1. Enforcement of LSPOA Covenants and Protective Restrictions to protect your property investment

  2. Lake area issues through elected Board of Directors and representation on Tri-Lakes Management District

  3. Monthly Board of Directors meetings open to all Members

  4. Newsletters to keep property owners informed

  5. Conservation and Fish Habitat programs

  6. Annual Scholarships for Member families

 LSPOA will provide to paid Members:

o    Reduced rate for use of the Sherwood Lodge lower level and outside grounds 

o    Boat access to gas service

o    Seasonal boat slip rental

o    Meeting and party accommodations